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European Elite League (EEL) February 2015

European Elite League (EEL)

DotaTV Ticket: $0.99

The most talented players in Europe compete in the classic inhouse league format starting February 1, 2015.

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Watch EEL games free on Twitch or purchase a DotaTV Ticket for $0.99. All players and casters are allowed to stream. Please tweet @EELDOTA when you go live so everyone can watch.

To cast EEL, please apply for a Caster Vouch.
To play in EEL, please post a Vouch Request. Please read the pinned topics for instructions.

February Prizes

  • 1st place: 50% of DotaTV Tickets
  • 2nd place: 25%
  • 3rd place: 15%
  • 4th place: 5%
  • 5th place: 5%