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Killing Spree

killing_spree_logo-01Killing Spree is a perpetual King of the Hill event featuring four premier teams from North America. Hosted by NEO Dota, each team will battle their way to the top and attempt to win three matches in a row for a “killing spree”. If a team can win three matches in a row while King (for a killing spree), they are rewarded with a prize of $100 and an additional $100 for each consecutive win after that. All matches will be broadcasted by NEO Dota’s Draskyl & Maut.

Watch every match free on TwitchTV or purchase a DotaTV ticket for $1.99.

North America

Rank Team Wins KOTH Wins
1 Team Dignitas  Team Dignitas 3 1
2 Team Liquid  Team Liquid 3 0
3 Grats ThoGrats Tho 0 0
4 0 0

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