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South American Elite League (SEL) Season 1


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The most talented players in South America compete for $1,000 in the classic inhouse league format for six weeks.

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All players and casters are welcome to stream SEL games. In addition, we have partnered with the following channels to provide official broadcasts in multiple languages:

Official Portuguese Broadcast: TwistedFingers
Official Spanish Broadcast: coming soon

Prize Distribution


  • Individual



  • Individual


Season 1 Schedule

Regular Season Start: Friday, Nov 29, 2013 @ 12:01am (ET)
Regular Season End: Thursday, Jan 9, 2014 @ 11:59pm
Finals: Friday, Jan 10 @ 8:00pm

Finals format: The 2 highest rated players will draft their teams from the 10 highest rated players who attend the Finals. The teams will then compete in a best-of-5 series for the prize.



We would like to thank everyone who has helped in the creation of SEL, and everyone who will commit their time over the next six weeks to ensure a successful first season.

League Administrator: Tomás “Tee” Perotti
League StaffAntonio “Fullback” Park
League StaffFrancisco “Nheidara” Leimontas
League Staff: Viktor “Akafoka” Goyn Deak
League StaffGiovanni “Joow” Federici
Graphic Designer: Kathryn “color” Boehmer
Reporter: Justin “Love is dead” Blau
League Organizer: Michael “ixmike88” Ghannam
Executive Producer: Aaron “Spit-wad” Stern